Our Story

Inspirinq Co.

inspirinq Co. is dedicated to inspire and change the lives of those struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.
We donate a portion of our profits to charities to go directly to helping people on their road to recovery.

    I am James, born on April 23rd, 1999. An average kid, from an average family. School was very difficult for me. Not an average difficult, but more. Bullying is never a fun activity and it has some harsh consequences. Because i was overweight I was bullied often. This affected my self esteem and image. I distanced myself from everyone, going into a cocoon of loneliness and depression.
    It was a horrible experience, I tried my best to make friends, meet people and live a normal life. It didn't work. It was like no one noticed me. As if I didn't belong there. It got bad, worst as the time passed by. I got into the dark space, falling through the dark hole, with no hope or energy. It consumed my life, studies and grades. I got depressed, not sad, the real depression.
    I was struggling to get my life back together. I failed. My grades suffered. It was a battle between depression and my life. I couldn't let depression rule my life forever.
    I fought back, got my life in control. My control. Gradually, my grades improved and lead me to an epiphany. I had the courage to turn my life around, now it was my turn to help others.
    Mental illnesses are poorly understood, leaving the victim helpless and hopeless. It could cost them their lives. Together, we can make a difference.
'Inspirinq Co.' is my  effort to help people and inspire them.
'Inspirinq Co.' is a way to spread awareness about the dark world of depression and anxiety.
'Inspirinq Co.' is  a way for you to help someone out there struggling.
Every T-shirt you buy can help someone suffering from depression, anxiety, and many other mental illnesses. Depression is a horrible illness to live with, and anyone can get it.
Help us raise awareness, help us in making a difference!